Communicative English

Author: Dr.J. Jayachandiran, R. Gopalakrishnan

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This book provides an opportunity for the young learners to understand English in a systematic manner, which is sure to lead them to excellence in profession. Focus on Spelling, words, Grammar and usage is the highlight of this book. A ready-to-use Guide for English for every Indian. It is especially meant for (the first year) students of Anna University.

ISBN 978-93-80170-08-4
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Author Dr.J. Jayachandiran, R. Gopalakrishnan
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Words perform magic in communication and therefore chapters on words and word-groups are included in this book to ensure that the reader becomes an expert in his use in the language, in due course of time.

Simple, short, solid, secured, sensible, sincere and straightaway communication in business and personal spheres is sure to be a shot in the arm. This idea is the core of this book. A sure and simple way to succeed in life! Learn English through this interesting book!